A Few Amazing Facts About Apple

Each new iPhone starts the long waiting lists to get one. It's not surprising! Given the wide array of apps and smart features iPhones come with, they're worth the investment. Although you may know many things about the iPhone that you own however, there are some surprising and fascinating information about Apple you're not aware of. Organizational culture at apple


We've put together some facts concerning iPhones and the leading iOS app development firm, Apple.

1. iPhone Prior to Apple's iPhone - You may be shocked to learn that prior to the time Apple ever launched the iPhone it was already trademarked by Cisco Systems. They even sued Apple for using the name of its phone as an iPhone. The initial iPhone created by Cisco was an VoIP phone that let people to conduct Skype calls without computers. In the end, both companies came to an agreement and they've remained loyal to the brand name.


2. iPhone was first thought of in the early 1980s. In 1983, the creator of the Apple computer Hartmut Esslinger dreamed of the idea of a landline phone with characteristics similar to those of today's iPhone and iPad using a stylus to control the interface. Although, the concept wasn't developed into a fully functioning iPhone It's not surprising that Apple did have iPhone ideas long before the iPhone was invented. Imagine what the iPhone layout and custom iPhone application development would look if the prototype released in 1983 had been made available.

3. Bono can be found on every iPhone If you glance closely at your iPhone you'll see that the icon of the artist within your Music app was initially the silhouette of Bono Vertigo, the U2 singer.

4. It was the App Store was first location for downloading the iOS app legally. of the most fascinating things regarding Apple is the App Store it was the only location to download either free or premium iOS software legally.

5. Samsung makes iPhone's Processors It's a fact that might surprise you significantly. Although it is true that Samsung is and Apple are rivals in the field of smartphones but they are also collaborating with one another. Apple has granted Samsung the task of making its own computer chips.

6. 700 iPhones sold in the biggest way last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared the fact that Apple has sold more than 700 million iPhones. The earnings reports from Apple suggest that iPhone sales could soon surpass 800 million.

7. The trend of texting became popular for iPhones. More than 22% of users believe that sending an SMS is superior to calling. It began with the introduction of SMS. Apple offered SMS.

8. iPhone became one of the Invention of the Year - In recognition of the success of the Apple iPhone, the Time Magazine declared it"the "Invention of the Year" in 2007. It was indeed a breakthrough technological breakthrough.

9. The iPhone was called Purple in the early days of when it was still in the process of being developed, when iPhone was being designed the name for the phone was referred to by the name of "Purple". In fact, the iPhone section of Apple's headquarters Apple headquarters was referred to as "Purple Dorm" by the designers.

10. 2 million iPhone apps According to the reports, there were more than two million iOS apps in the Apple app store (as as of July 2016). In this way, it's the Apple app store is now the second-largest app store behind Android with more than 2. two million applications. This makes Apple as the most prestigious iOS app company for development.